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Only Lovers Left Alive

From Jim Jarmusch, a meditation on art, science and the mysteries of everlasting love.

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The tale of two fragile and sensitive vampires, Adam (Tom Hiddleston) and Eve (Tilda Swinton), who have been lovers for centuries. Both are cultured intellectuals with an all-embracing passion for music, literature and science, who have evolved to a level where they no longer kill for sustenance, but still retain their innate wildness.

  • SKU: 000000000001390948
  • Aspect Ratio: WIDESCREEN
  • Commitment Credit: 1
  • Director: Jim Jarmusch
  • Format: DVD
  • Warnings: No
  • Release date: Aug 19, 2014
  • Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Viewing Interest: No
  • Rating: R
  • Cast and Crew: Tilda Swinton,Tom Hiddleston
  • Height: 0.000
  • Length: 0.000
  • Width: 0.000
  • ISBN: No

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